Wedding Guest Szn | Looks and Sneaky Tips with Chan

Wedding Guest Szn | Looks and Sneaky Tips with Chan

Hello Wedding Szn!!!

This summer is ripe with events. Weddings are back in full force, festivals, family reunions etc!! Its going to be a social season. 

We have been in yoga pants for far too long and its time to treat ourselves with something fresh and feel good for this summer.

I have 5 wedding guest looks from Freyja and if you scroll down, I have some hot tips for anything attending a wedding this season. The full Wedding Guest Szn Collection is here too!


1. Court House Look

a. BB Dakota Gauze Top 

b. BB Dakota Gauze Skirt

c. Z Supply Aviators 

2. Formal

a. Gentle Fawn Joplin Dress

b. Z Supply Sunseeker Sunnies

3. Beachy


a. Gentle Fawn Axel Tiered Dress

b. Z Supply Incognito Sunnies 

4. Statement Jumpsuit

a. Gentle Fawn Tropaz Jumpsuit

b. Z Supply Everyday Sunglasses in Fawn 

5. Fernie Formal


a. Z Supply Flared Jumpsuit

b. Gentle Fawn Lisette Tank

Wanting my rattan bag in the photos? Try Here!

More Wedding looks here!

Sneaky Chan Tips

1.Remember how to mingle?

Never have drink in one hand and food in other, super awkward to shake hands when meeting new people.

2. Crying.

Let it flow girl! Kleenex in the purse, always, the tough ones always cry more I find!

3. Sweaty times

outdoor ceremony? bring sun shade until it actually starts going, it always starts late!


Staying in a hotel, pack a cooler with booze, gatorade and a dry bag filled with snacks, whether its in between the ceremony and receptopm or after party, you'll thank yourself immensely 

5. Can you go pee on your own?

Buying a jumpsuit? Be super sure you can go in and out of it for the bathroom over and over again. Ill never forget the time I had to take my BBF to the bathroom every time and get her in and out. Its a good laugh now!

6. Gifts.

Stuck for a gift? Cash rules!!

7. Listen.

Listen more. Slow down and read the room, listen to your fellow guests. I say this because these times are quite polarizing politically. Do you really want to engage someone's old uncle on politics right now? Im just saying, be aware! You might  unknowingly tee off on a topic and with a group that fiercely disagrees. Or find yourself on the other side.

Im just saying, beware! Ive recently had some interactions with individuals that failed to read the room, and frankly I was left a little unhinged. How did I handle it? I took a long sip of my drink and dryly said: "interesting opinion" and walked away. #awkward!!


Hope you all enjoy your summer and all your events!!

Chan xx




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