Fresh Ideas for Mom

Fresh Ideas for Mom
Its Mother's Day coming up this weekend.
I have some newer ideas if you are into something fresh?!
If I really want in the minds of moms, sometimes I literally have to look inward!!
These ideas are secretly what I would like as a mom, so I thought I'd share!

1. Bath Caddy from Amazon, order asap! Or Treat yo'self!

Pair this with some local soap and wine, what a cute theme with the coveted bath tray we keep seeing on Instagram!


2. Golfing? Or as I refer to it as "my great nature walk" 

Bootleg and St.Eugene are open with many right behind them. What about a round of golf somewhere she hasn't been before or hasn't been in awhile. Golf and lunch? Yes please, even for my amateur player self! More here!


3. Private Night at Freyja

Picture it, enjoy an evening with your most comfortable people hanging out and trying on everything. Surprise mom with a Gift Certificate to pair with. 

We have a fabulous $25 off gift card promo right now.

Buy a min $75+ Gift Card and take $25 off! Use Code MOMGIFT at checkout! Shop Here

One per customer. Promo expires Sunday midnight.

Treat mom to a private shop night at Freyja, min 4 people.
Message us to book in.

4. Chemical Peel at Skin Dynamics!

Ok sometimes this chemical peel has a bad wrap from the name, but its honestly my fav in indulgence, especially after winter. Feel safe and pampered with the great staff at at Skin Dynamics in Cranbrook.

Come out a new woman! Any treatment from this team is fantastic, contact them for a gift certificate. 

5. Photography session. Seriously, what has better value in the long run? Contact a local fav photographer like Jaime Inman for gift certifcate options.


A mini photography session is so well loved for years!


Lastly, in the off hand chance my husband is reading this, Id like a gift cert to Nerd Skates. Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend to all moms of all kinds!

-Chan xx


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