My Top Five 2022 Coachella Trends - This is not the report you're expecting

My Top Five 2022 Coachella Trends - This is not the report you're expecting

I, here in chilly cold Fernie BC, did spend the weekend glued to the Coachella Live feeds onn You Tube and I was not disappointed. In fact I was moved. Fashion and emotionally. 

Here Are my biggest takeaways from Coachella 2022.

1. Jeans Shorts/Denim Trend

Ok like, the denim did not stop! It was the basic of choice for not only concert goers, but also most stage performances. 

All I could think is, do my jean shorts from last year fit? If not I need to get new ones STAT. What a start to summer with the ultimate look. 

Pictured is Anitta, Rina Sawayama, Karol G, all pics from Getty or Rolling Stone

Freyja's Denim Shorts Selection is going off Here!


2. Hairy Pits and No Bras

Im all here for it. I noticed this on a a number of artists with hairy pits, or no bra, or both! I mention because it was a contrast to the carefully crafted stage costumes. Thank you Maggie Rogers for the breath of fresh air after a pile of over the top costumes and makeup. And also her set blew me away, so much more electric electric energy over her album - that is the magic of live music!

Free the boobs with our famous Richer Poorer Vintage Rib! The customer reviews are raving on this!! 

3. 90s Throwbacks

Billie Elish hosted Blur and Gorillaz, Snoop Dogg joined Annita, but...

If you haven't heard, yes, Shania Twain popped out on stage and joined Harry Styles for his closing set. 

Guess what is shipping in this week at Freyja. Pre-sale is LIVE!

Full Harry x Shania x Coachella here.

4. Being Together Again


The theme was very clear, artists are happy to be back. They've been through a lot to say the least. This summer with events going ahead, pack some tissues, because its very emotional! Every artist touched on it.

Arcade Fire's suprise set was the most emotional of the weekend for me. Win the lead singer broke down at one point while starting to sing their new song, but pulled it together saying, the last 3 years have been hard. More here..

Pictured above: Arcade Fire's 30ft tall wavy arm men crashing the finale.


5. Music

Here is my on repeat Coachella Playlist curated for you!

Last but not least, Ill give you my top artists that absolutely had me breathless. THESE SETS RULED! If you haven't discovered yet, do it!






F) ARCADE FIRE, yes a given but their new emotional single "The Lightning I" is out on Spotify now


Put these artists on your playlists if you haven't already!


See you at Wapiti this year!

Chan xx





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