Craft Time! How-To Easter Phone Strap

Craft Time! How-To Easter Phone Strap

Its really looking like a chilly Easter Weekend, so I went looking for an indoor craft LOL. Hopefully, fingers crossed and Im proved wrong, you can save this craft for a rainy day.

I love my phone. Its so much more then social media for me. My life, business, family, we are are organized digitally and I access a lot of my activities with my phone. Podcasts, Running Apps etc.

I noticed a few social media influencers with these phone straps and I went down the Etsy rabbit hole. Oh those influencers sometimes really do work LOL.

I love how the phone strap is functional, but also something to jazz up and may your phone your own.

As much as I loved the Etsy artists, I did think maybe I better try and make my own before I commit to an artist piece and shipping costs.

So, here are my prototypes!

Here is what you'll need:
Strong durable stretchy string
Cute beads, this was just what I had at home
Custom letters, this I did buy at the local office supply 
Any type of charms, I found pompoms and sea shells kicking around.


1. Its simple, string up as long as you want. About 8-14cms work best. Map out what your design is

Tie it off.

2. Tie the loose strings tightly around your phone case where the hole is for the top volume (On an iPhone)

Ta-Da - Jazzy phone!!

My Full How-To REEL is here! 

You can enter to WIN this Freyja Easter Giveaway that includes a phone strap made my MOI!! Enter Here!

Some Etsy Inspo 

Stay Warm this Easter!

Chan xx



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