Chan's Best Travel Picks

Chan's Best Travel Picks

From the heart here, if I were to travel right now this is what Im packing...

We are so out of practice right? I had so many travelling hacks before the pandemic and its slowly all coming back to me.

I have two flights on the books for late spring and Im already imagining packing - because Im so excited!!

This blog is a little bit what we have at Freyja, but also some inspiration to pack!

1. This photo above represents three important pieces for me.

A)  A good quality layering tank that could stand on its own. Here pictured is my fav from Richer Poorer The Vintage Rib

B) Fanny or hip pack. 100% this is my emotional support piece! I have fancy ones and sporty ones. Pictured here is one from Brave Belts. We have some special ones coming this spring to Freyja. Stay tuned!

C) Biker shorts! Seriously smallest thing to pack with the biggest impact for style and comfort. Freyja has a range of prices. I love the Commando Ribbed! or try the bestselling Bamboos!

2. A great long sleeve. Again Richer Poorer for the win. A good long sleeve for layering or warmth. I love 100% cotton only, anything with a blend I just sweat and that means stinky. 

3. Sundress, preferably something that could easily be dressed up. This one is great, its a a thicker weight, French Terry, and POCKETS! Designed in Vancouver by Jackson Rowe ;)

4. Linen. Traveling somewhere hot? Will it be hot when you take off? Please consider Linen. Not only is it cooling, its environmentally much more efficient. We have been seeing much linen in blends around the shop, its perfect for summer. Here are the new Heartloom pants but also check these $25 easy linen blend tanks in lilac or sage too!

5. Depending on the trip, I love to treat myself to a new set of pjamas. Or a cute robe. For example, a lux girls trip to wine country- yes to new robe or kimono for patio time. Cozy mountain trip - new matching set please! (ours are on sale!)

6. A realistic shot of what Im packing immediately:

A) My favourite fanny pack

B) Garmin Smart Watch

C) Fresh comfy socks

D) my favourite body products - Skoah

E) Ear plugs

F) My current fav waterbottle

G) Extra battery pack

H) White shoes, Im obsessed! Check out the new MIKI style at Freyja.

7. Eyewear. Both blue light protecting glasses and a fresh pair of Sunglasses.

Freyja had the Pela Compostable line, yes that means the glasses, frames + lens can be tossed in the compost! Also we have the Pilgrim line from Denmark, ultra chic but functional and well priced. stay tuned for our massive delivery of Z Supply Sunglasses !!! Check us out here!

What Else Im Packing?:

  • Wet Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Extra Face Mask - There are places that still ask you to wear them, for example, I checked into a Marriot in Calgary March 3rd, and they kindly asked that guests wore a mask in hallways in elevators. So glad I had an extra in the fanny pack for me and my son! 
  • Mints/Gum
  • A scarf for plane - it keeps me warm and its chic
  • Jean Jacket within inner pockets - my absolute go to for everyday and travelling haha.
  • If there is space to pack- hands down I love a good blazer! 

Bon Voyage Ladies and thanks for reading!

Chan xx 




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