Vancouver Girl's Trip

Vancouver Girl's Trip

Why do we need a break? Because we need to recharge and in my case,  I need some inspiration

 -> Enter Girls Trip to Vancouver

The agenda: Good Music, Good Food, & Good Company!

This blog post is purely to share my travels, so that you can go for it too!

This is what you need to know:
  • Where I stayed
  • What I did
  • Where I ate
  • What was I wearing


1. Stay at the Sylvia

This is an historic hotel located, central and pretty much on the beach of English Bay. What a secret gem, full of history and charming as can be!

Loads of stories in this Vancouver landmark covered in Virgina Creeper. This has appeared in famous children's books, this was Vancouver's first cocktail bar... the list goes on. Love this hotel!

Expectation management: This is an old hotel, of course its modernized and updated, but keep in mind its historic.

Sylvia Hotel 1154 Gilford St. on English Bay


2. Live Music

This was the impetus for this whole trip. I bought the tickets back in November so this was a long time coming.

Live music is dear to me, this was my first show after all the pandemic closures. I am glad I choose a seat on an upper level rather then the ground general standing area, because, it was intense and a little emotional. But so happy to be back at it.

Haim - 3 sisters from LA, are unreal. I can't even explain. But throw them up on your Spotify and enjoy.

Expectation Management: I did not consider that this show was at UBC campus. Although a good show, it was pricey Uber back to our hotel. And - most goers rolled in from their dorms. We felt old!!


3. Vancouver Dining

My best advice. Always book a reservation and always do so AS EARLY as you can. Van fills up fast, we made both of these 2 weeks ahead, and even then we didn't get our Italian first choice.

a. Nuba - Lebanese in Kits.

Ok, mind blown. Can I please eat Lebanese for the rest of my life, I will die happy. We ordered the sampler dinner for 2. WE got to taste everything and it was nearly the star of the night over the concert. Yes, it was that good.

You MUST visit here. Nuba They have 3 locations. I made my reso on I get the impression tho that OpenTable is not as popular as it was. Most of the coveted restaurants - go to their websites directly.


b. Autostrada in Downtown Vancouver.

 This is a hotspot, classic authentic Italian. The most adorable date night spot! Feel swept away to Italy. Start with the fresh Burrata, obviously, then pick a pasta. 

Autostrada has 3 locations in Vancouver, find more info here.

c. West Coast Seafood.

My recommendation is always pick a top tier restaurant when it comes to seafood. That is not a food you want to mess with. Or it can mess you up!

For Oysters, stick to Rodneys or Chewies.

4. What to wear.

This trip was all about comfort. And when in doubt, throw a blazer on.

Blazers are having a big year, always classic but this time its all good to pair with bikers or joggers. 

I went for a coastal grandma vibe this trip. Loose pants, cotton sweaters. Clean white sneakers are my fav! And of course fanny/hip packs for easy hands free living.

The Gentle Fawn Edie Tank with matching Carly shorts.

Free People Ottoman Cardigan. 

Jeane and Jax Chain Bag

Pilgrim Charlie Sunglasses

Pilgrim Rings, Bracelets

Gentle Fawn Tropaz Honey Jumpsuit - my pick of the weekend!

And last, my fav accessory and so handy, the Freyja caps!


My Conclusion xo

Plan ahead, even if its a year away. Dont plan too many activities, the point is to relax and catch up with friends.

Can't sneak away anytime soon? Until then I can help out with a private girls night at Freyja.

Your music, your besties and wine. email me for a booking.

Happy Travels

Chan xx





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