Summer Obsessions + Giveaway

Summer Obsessions + Giveaway

Happy Summer to you all. On the blog I am sharing alllll my latest obsessions. Summer themed!

Also I have a sweet Giveaway happening on Instagram, it was born from my summer obsessions list.

Lets get right to it!

1. Heatless Curls - My answer to big beach hair!

A friend of mine recommended Sutton Michelle Designs. Sara, the owner, lives in Victoria BC with her family, where she makes all her own products. Im telling you she is a busy mom and business owner. Love a fellow comrade! 

--> Enter - Silk Hair Tie!

This heatless system, made of silk, Sara designed. I love her YouTube tutorials that show you how to tie it in. I watched the videos and learned the technique, and I never looked back!

Sara and I have teamed up for an Instagram Giveaway, you could win one of her silk systems valued at $75 and a $100 Freyja Gift Card to top up some summer wear for yourself!

Enter the post here.

Explore more of Sutton Michelle Designs here.


2. Salted Gin - Seaside Gin by Sheringham Distillery 

I came by this outstanding product by chance. Since I tried it, I haven't shut up about it.

"Inspired by the Vancouver Island coast, with its clean surf and appealing fragrance of wild roses, evergreen forests, and salty air, our flagship spirit has a deliciously complex yet impeccably balanced botanical profile. Made from botanicals such as juniper, rose, lavender, citrus, coriander, cardamom, and—most notably—local, sustainably harvested winged kelp, which gives it a subtle taste of the ocean, Seaside Gin is an elegant choice on its own and a winning ingredient in your favorite cocktail." - Sheringham Website.

This gin, has such an elegant salted taste. I mixed mine with tonic, fresh mint and a lime wedge. It was heavenly and refreshing!

Find it at Park Place Lodge Liquor Store.


3. Millennial Pink Bamboo 

If you know Freyja you know that we love our bamboo basics. We have carried the line for about 10 years. Its a wardrobe staple. Can't imagine life without our bamboo basics.

This summer they have created some fantastic new colours but one in particular has my heart. This is me bringing this to your attention. Because it is selling quite fast.

The Bamboo Millennial Pink is coming in 5 different tops and a matching ribbed bike short. Check it all out here!

I am personally obsessed with the High Neck Crop Top!

If you enter the Instagram Giveaway - you could grab some bamboo!


4. Heardle App

Nerd moment here. My morning routine these last few weeks has been coffee and Wordle. But, A friend introduced me to Heardle. This a daily game where you guess the song by the first few seconds of the song. Just like Wordle, there is only 1 a day and everyone in the world is playing the same challenge.

As a millennial, I feel we have the edge in guessing the songs as they go from oldies to newish songs.

Between Wordle and Heardle and a whole lotta coffee, by the time I get to work my brain is seriously jazzed. I can't start my day without the two.

Try it here!


5. Long Walks and Runs

Summer is here, and its my time to shine with my long runs. And sometimes just long walks with podcasts. Im always battling either heel spurs or shin splints, so I need a soft shoe. 

My running obsession could not be without a pair of my Hoka shoes. They are the comfiest runner Ive ever had and Im soooo glad to see that they are stocked at Guide's Hut in Fernie now. They even have the Hoka recovery slides. Which are super cute but comfy!

Also over at Guide's hut, they have runners vests. I recently got one and its Devine! 

You can checkout Hoka and runner vest at Guide's Hut Downtown Fernie or peek online!


Ok there you have it, my summer obsessions!

Dont forget to enter the Freyja x Sutton Michelle Designs Giveaway

-Chan xx 


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