Witchy Vibes for all Friends

Witchy Vibes in Fernie BC


The is nothing more special then your coven of besties on a spooky night.

Last full moon, even though it was raining steady here in Fernie,  my best friends and I committed to spreading a little spookiness around Downtown Fernie.

All in good fun! I hope the restaurants and other friends homes we visited weren't too afraid and perhaps we spread a little Halloween spirit.

Brooms are so 2019, we ditched the brooms for a lux wagon when hauled our portable speaker - see our playlist here - and stored our spooky props.

My favourite part of the night, was the purple wig I got off Amazon. It was only $20!

This truly gave me my character and I felt like a babe. It also came in 2 days! Ha so there is still time to nab one for next weekend's Halloween.

Tap here for my Wig!

Tap here for our Witchy fun playlist!

We had a blast, but I think the biggest part of this story is, commitment, why? It was raining hard, but we carried on and it ended up being so much fun. My heart is full!

Stay Witchy my friends!
- Chan xx




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