Spooky Podcast with Lindsay Vallance of the Fernie Museum

Fernie Ghost Stories

Ooooooooooooo * cue the spooky ghost voices

My guest Lindsay Vallance from The Fernie Museum is here to share some highlights from her Fernie Ghost Walking Tour.

The ghost stories she tells are based on real past Fernie events and historical stories, they all have a ghost element to them.

TRIGGER WARNING - One story told is a tragic story involving children , so you have been warned. All the stories are tragic in their own way and real life events in history. 

Get a whiskey or a hot chocolate and join us.

Listen Here *TAP*

Stay Spooky!

- Chan xx

The Old Fernie Hospital 

Current Location of the Old Fernie Hosptial

The Old Nurses Residence, now a BnB 

Lost Souls Monument in Ridgemont

Graveyard in Ridgemont by Silver Ridge 





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