Wellness Wednesday | Why Strength Training & Crossfit Review

Wellness Wednesday | Why Strength Training & Crossfit Review

Ok finally a Wellness Wednesday that I feel personally attached too. 

Its not always the most sexy, but straight ol' strength training will go a gal good. Just like its been doing me well! Ive been at the local Crossfit gym for 6 months and I will give you my full personal review.

But first, strength training for women is becoming more and more apparent for the good that it does. And it does so much good!!

  • Improved fat loss. When lifting weights, you build lean muscle. ...
  • Enhance your mood and reduce stress. ...
  • Gain strength without bulking. ...
  • Reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis. ...
  • Improve your athletic performance. ...
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. *
  • BUT ... the big one for me, is HELP WITH HORMONES. Yes lifting can help with hormones and regulating them and the new science on this is just so damn good to here. More quick info here 

Our local nutritionist Julia Mitchell once told me,
"When you are in you 60's and you slip on ice, its Crossfit that is gonna save you, not spin class, You'll be able to react and recover."

My Wellness Wednesday REEL on Instagram is with Jana, owner/coach at the local CrossFit gym here called Fernie Mountain Fitness and Athletics. We dive in with her. I just think she's the bees knees. Have a watch here.

Ok my full meal deal Crossfit review from a real 41 year old mom.

I will preface with the fact that I did go to this CrossFit gym 7 years ago. I quit because it was really intense and manly.

7 years later, I got a random email marketing letter from Jana at the gym and my mind started thinking. Maybe try it again, Ive been reading and hearing so much about the benefits for women when strength training. 6 months later Im still there. (Also sidenote, never doubt the power of email marketing!)

Before you go to a Crossfit gym, a coach will do a one on one class with you to learn the equipment and moves. Just so when you start to come to a class you will know your way around and understand the lingo. 

How does a class go. Within 60 minutes you'll massage and stretch some muscles with a very light warmup. The second section is lifting with a coach that walks you through it. Its basically a personal coach. The last part is a metabolic conditioning cardio bit. Its anywhere from 5-12 minutes of cardio work that you do at your own pace. Its 12 minutes of your day. Cmon. Spin class is 50 min! You go this babe!!

The first month, yes it was awkward for me. I didn't know all the lingo, I had to look around the room a lot. Other members and coaches were pointing things out to me and correcting me on form. My perfectionist personality was a little resistant to that. But I got over it and became open to help. I just wore the "Im new here badge" to help with my insecurities. I doubted myself a lot I was going to stick with this, but really made a point to go and stick to it.

As the weeks passed, I got more and more comfortable with the equipment and lingo. I started knowing where I was at weight and skill wise. Very very slowly pushing myself.

I told everyone, Im not here for any goals. I just want to age well and this is a new habit I have to form. 

It wasn't easy at first to get to 3 classes a week (3 a week is the gym's suggestion). But after about 6 months, its just not a big deal. I just gett'er done. If can do it, trust me you can.

Id look around at the 9am class, this was a very different experience from 7 years ago. I am surrounded by mostly women older than me. And they bloody hell kick ass and have great attitudes and look great. These women are my inspo. If I have a goal, its to be more like them.

6 months later. I feel mentally clearer. Yes Ive lost a little weight. Not much, that wasnt my goal to drop a lot quick. I know Ill just gain it back. This was a life change. But the biggest change.... drum roll.... I have so much more energy. ITs crazy. Usually after dinner Im ready for tv and a lot of nothing. Now I find myself cleaning up a closet that I always put off or taking my 6 year old for a XC ski. So much more energy. Im so happy about that part.

6 months later. Its become routine. I enjoy the convos with the other members. Maybe I've made new friends??!! Cool. I definitely feel more comfortable with the lingo and equipment. I feel empowered with my new routine in many ways. 

I love the 60 min format. Its approachable when I scale it to my ability and it honestly goes by fast.

My suggestions for starting strength training?

  • Go tour a gym or business and see if you are comfortable there. Listen to their philosophy and does it match your values?
  • Start small, dont aim for unrealistic goals. Start small and keep at it because you are investing in your future self. 
  • As you go, pay attention to your physical and mental self. Feeling better? Feeling good?
  • This is probably dumb, but I treated myself to some nice leggings that fit my phone in the side pocket. I felt good in my outfit lol. These leggings are the best and only $33. 
  • Be open minded. 
  • Dont try to go like beyond what you can do, no one is watching you, you just do you. Its not a competition.
  • Read the book ROAR by Stacy Sims. Mind blowing about how we need to educate ourselves that women are not small men and we need to be training and eating for a women. And how its all connected to hormones. BOOK HERE
  • Dont have time for a book? Stacy Sims is on Gabby Reece's podcast for a one hour overview. Its informative to dip your toe in.

Want to try my gym, info here Fernie Mountain Fitness and Athletics. 

Take Care of Yourself

Chan xx 






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