Sean's Playlist and a Q&A

Sean's Playlist and a Q&A

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Who is that guy?? Some of you have been asking about our male staff member. 

Yes, we have a male working here, its been awhile since we’ve had that element around the shop. Always good to mix it up and bring new talents and perspectives. Sean is here for customer service and to get allllll those new arrivals up on the website so you can view them asap. Thanks Sean!

Meet Sean, or “Chili” to most Fernie locals. Q & A to follow below.

I have been here at Freyja myself so long that I hadn’t realized the music rut I was in. I get to work, I throw on a Spotify playlist (we have a few parameters of what we can play) and go about my day. Same kinda music  for years I suppose.

When Sean started, one thing I noticed off the hop was that he had a different take on music playing in the shop for your shopping experience. Over and over again he was introducing me to new artists and new genres. 

Sean is himself is a musician, so I’m even more interested in what his tastes are. I trust him.

If you come in during one of this shifts, he always has a great selection going, and finally we have a staff member that actually plays the music louder then me! HAHA I love good sound!

Do yourself a favour and discover Sean’s Freyja Playlist here. Perfect for making dinner or having a few cocktails. 

Chan: How did you come to be in Fernie?

Sean: Essentially, I was working in Field BC, I came down in my van on my way through. My van broke down. I had to find some work, then yes, I haven’t left. That was about 4 years ago.

Chan: Tell me about the project you’ve been working on over the pandemic.

Sean: Well, my best friend Barry and I had always talked about releasing some music. But before pandemic, life was so busy. We talked about it, never got around to it. 

But the pandemic came along and suddenly we have time. No excuses. I sent him a quick voice memo one night of a song idea I had, that spurred us to get going. So two years later we have 10 tracks laid down. 

We have a plan to release a 10 track mixtape this spring.

Chan: What is your genre? Wha are your influences?

Sean: Our band would be considered Alternative RnB. Influences Amy Whinehouse, Frank Ocean

Chan: What musical background do you both have?

Sean: Mostly self taught honestly, I can play by ear. Barry too.

Chan: What do you hope for the outcome of this release?

Sean: I want to be a working musician, travelling and playing. That’s the dream. Getting picked up is always the goal, but I’m happy to be in the indie world. I just want to work as a musician.

Chan: What do you think is the most terrifying thing about making music these days?

Sean: Oof! Tip Tok is concerning, that is where most people are being discovered. That leads to many one hit wonders we never hear from again. Oh and the death of albums. Not may people are listening to a full album. Many songs are being churned out to satisfy music algorithms. 

Chan: What is great about making music in this world today?

Sean: I guess the flip of the bad, you dont have a rich record executive telling us what we should like, there are options.

Also being independent and making music whenever you want with the technology. 

Its liberating making music independently because you dont have to sacrifice what you want to make.


Discover Sean and Barry’s band, they write, record and produce everything themselves in a furniture warehouse right here in Fernie.

LUSH FLEECE here on Spotify.

 Sean curated a playlist for us babes, mix up a cocktail and enjoy Sean’s Freyja Playlist Here!


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