Photoshoot Fun with Nell Smith + Tips

Photoshoot Fun with Nell Smith + Tips

Nell Smith is a local Fernie Artist (she's only 14!). Recently she was on the Colbert Late Night Show singing one of her Nick Cave covers from her recent collaboration with The Flaming Lips. 

She asked me if I could help her out with a photoshoot. The photos were to be used over the next year for promo material, media kits, website content, you name it. Professional photos are important and industry standard. It is one of the best investments you can make when you are in business. Music Industry, real estate, retail - any kind of branding you want to convey- you need a professional shoot.

This is the kind of project I will clear my schedule for!

Photoshoots like this, take time and planning. When you actually meet up with the photographer, when you get your hair and makeup done, you really need this to execute correctly. Or else it can be a costly fail you need to redo. I hate to say this, but the pressure is on for all involved.

But, planning is key 🔑 

1. The Concept.

Nell and I got together in Freyja a couple times and over a week's worth of texting - we had 2 solid looks to take to the photographer.

A) Gold Dust Women (Black and Dark)

b) 90s Bubblegum Vibes (Pink and White)

Both concepts could be used in her promotion depending what they needed. 2 looks is a good goal because then you have options later.

Here are the mood boards we started with on Pinterest.

Gold Dust Woman:

90s Bubblegum Vibes:


2. Execution. Once we had the photographer briefed on the concept and goals. We all set a date. Hair and makeup, outfits. It all had to come together.

A) Make sure the model is comfortable in everything. Clothes, hair, makeup. They need to feel their best and themselves. 

B) Turn on some good tunes that the model and photographer can vibe too.

C) Ask the photographer to see the occasion photo to see if the vision is coming together. But dont overstep your toes, the photographer is in control now.


3. More resources. 

Annie Lebowitz, is the ultimate photoshoot Queen, she has a tremendous Masterclass that I highly recommend. 

Also, Pinterest has loads of tips and that is where you make your mood board, HAVE FUN!

Mapping and planning early at Freyja:


Actual Photoshoot Day:


Finished Product:


Stylist: Chantel Vincent, Freyja Kootenay Boutique
Hair and Makeup: Chantel Vincent, Freyja Kootenay Boutique




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