Wellness Wednesday | The Importance of Vitamin D3 + K

Wellness Wednesday | The Importance of Vitamin D3 + K

Hello Freyjaverse!

As we head into winter I am starting a new weekly blog called Wellness Wednesday. Not the most clever but it says it all.

I am plan to introduce to you weekly wellness tips and shared experiences to inform and inspire you. I want you to have a healthy winter, the best we can.

First up this week is a sit down chat with Julia Mitchell Msc.
A Clinical Integrated Nutritionist from our local clinic Wildheart Therapies and Pharmacy. We are talking Vitamin D! 

I am sure its been mentioned to you before about how important Vitamin D is. I know Ive casually heard it for years, but once I personally deep dove on it. I felt it was important to share this information and who better then straight from this amazing resource we have locally. Thank you Julia for your time here with us. Julia has her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health.

Disclaimer: This interview was recorded and I will be uploading clips to Reels in our Instagram. But for this blog I will do my best to transcript the entire conversation. Also for anybody out there that is unsure, speak to your doctor about this before taking any supplements.

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Chantel: I know we need Vitamin D, but why?

Julia: Vitamin D is crucial for overall health. It is involved with the expression of over 200 of our genes. Its is a crucial component in taking the calcium from what we eat and absorbing it through our intestines and delivering it where it should go.

It also plays a roll in cell growth. It plays a roll in neuro muscular signalling, that is how we move. As well as overall immune function.

Chantel: Living here in the Kootenays, do we get enough Vitamin D?

Julia:  There are 3 ways to get Vitamin D. 1. Sunlight 2. Food 3. Supplementation

Because we live north of the 35th Parallel, which is north of Atlanta Georgia, from November to February we are not absorbing much Vitamin D. That is because of the angle of the sun and that we are covering up our skin and bodies because of the cold.

The best way to absorb is through our skin, but that's not happening in the winter months.

Chantel: If I were to go buy some supplements, what do I look for? Are any better then others?

Julia: You want to look for first, Vitamin D3 specifically. That is the one you need. But also to look for the underrated Vitamin K2. You want to look for a product that has both formulated together. Vitamin K will help with the absorption. 

Another form of Vitamin D you could take is Cod Liver Oil.

Chantel: What is a fun fact?

Julia: If a breastfeeding mom wanted to pass vitamin D to her baby through the milk, she would have to be eating 6800 ius of Vitamin D in order to pass enough to what the baby needs on to the baby through milk. In this case, Vitamin D drops and supplements for babies is recommended. 

Chantel: Is there a link to Vitamin D and Immunity?

Julia: Vitamin D and your immune function are very related. Vitamin D almost has a hormone affect on the body, it can serve to lower inflammation is can serve to modulate your immune cells and your innate and adaptive immune responses. It can help you body produce proteins that fight off microbes. Having good levels of Vitamin D will bolster you body's ability to fight off, especially in cold and flu season.

Chantel: Tell me more about living in the winter in the Kootenays.

Julia: Winter in the Kootenays is tough in terms of getting all the vitamin D that you need. There is less daylight hours, we are covering up our bodies. Because of that we can't really get to expect that you'll get all the vitamin D that you need just from food. I recommend to most of my clients, if not all, supplementation. Especially in the winter months.

Thank You Julia for this amazing info and Id love to have you back!

If you'd like to contact and book in with Julia, have a look at the site here.


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