Wellness Wednesday | Cold Plunge with Maddy

Wellness Wednesday | Cold Plunge with Maddy

Oh boy!!

Recently, cold plunging had completely infiltrated my social feeds and was subliminally taunting me. Reality hit and I called my friend Maddy who is a local, frequent cold plunger, to take me under her wing for an icy bath.

We managed to get two more wiling and curious friends to come along, more the merrier is fantastic for this outing!

Truth be told I plunged in the spring, much warmer then than this icy day, but the high I felt was memorable and was willing to do it again. This is my first winter plunge.

The electric feeling you have, the energy you get. It really is so worth it. 

You will find loads of info out there on the interweb. I enjoyed these two articles a lot because they break everything down and explain how to do a cold plunge in your bath tub at home. Which I’m planning on doing… later today in fact. I shall report back!

Hive Article 


Runga Life Article 


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Honestly, I was terrified going in, but truly, I can’t say this enough. It really wasn’t that bad  I had psyched myself out it would be natural childbirth and it was nooooo where near that. 

Us women can do hard things. Sometimes we need to prove that to ourselves.

You got this and you are going to feel great!

Thank you to Maddy our fearless leader! And thank you Katya and Julia for the squeals and giggles as well!

Be safe!

- Chan xx 





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