Road Trip Looks and Must Haves

Road Trip Looks and Must Haves

I love a good road trip. Whether with family, or friends. Or sometimes solo.

Is it just me or is there so much hype and always a scramble to pack the day before launch? Hopefully this little blog can help in some way.


Top Five Tips for Road Trip Planning


1. Outfits

Suss out the situations ahead that you may find yourself in and plan out your outfits. Sometimes consult with others that are attending the event or location to confirm outfit aesthetics. Nothing worse than not packing right. For me it affects my confidence.

2. Snacks

Need I say more. And my personal fav. I bring my own coffee and favourite French Press. I need my coffee!

I recently splurged on a new cooler to fit in my back cab of my truck. Thank you Canadian Tire!

My cooler includes :

  • Fresh veg and hummus. 
  • Pre workout gummies (for caffiene and endurance, skip the Red Bulls) that I make ahead. Recipe here. Buy Gummy Bear Molds here.
  • Bubly drinks
  • Non Alcoholic beers
  • Bottle of bubbles for destination 
  • Candy
  • Chocolate covered pretzels and almonds
  • Olives, cheese and cheese (great for arrival or before your event)I use my kids lunch kits to pack veggie/dip and char board. 


3. Light layers

In this country, anything can happen and evenings are cool. I always have a light hoodie or cardi in my bag. Sometimes I roll up a pair of my bamboo leggings and stuff in the bag too!


4. Battery

It’s a special time. Photos and phone apps may enhance or save you. Don’t be caught dead. Battery packs!! Loads of ideas on Amazon, this one is my fav.


5. Emergency Kit

Think about a small first aid bag. Grab your Advil, Tums, baby wipes, gatorade, tampons, whatever you need to feel good and refreshed. Don’t let any ailments hold you down. Throw in a bag and it’s always ready to go in the car. 


Bonus Freyja MUSTS for Road Tripping!



a) Jean jackets. Light layer and must be able to get a hoodie under. Shop here!

b) Bamboo layers. All of them please!! Comfy bras to cute tops, to leggings! Shop here!



c) Helena Lane Glow Moisturizer. The perfect tinted moisturizer with sun protection, no fuss and look fresh! Shop here!

d) Jean shorts. Quintessentially the overall cute summer look no matter what aesthetic you are going for. Shop here for new $45 stretchy black and white!

e) Comfy romper. Have you seen our bamboo tank rompers, I die!! Shop here!



f) Comfy sweatshirt half zip. I literally have this Brunette the Label Half Zip in 3 colours. Bigger the better! Shop here!

g) Hair clip. Dressed up or down thank you very much! Shop here!



h) Fanny pack. Herschel all the way. Shop here!

Stay Safe and enjoy the ride

Chan xx


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