New Denim Trends Explained

Blog: Fall Denim Explained

Hello, Im Chantel the Owner of Freyja and there is so much to cover for explained denim in its current state.

Im going to break it down, but also simplify this because you are a busy person!

First what I want to say is, virtually all denim is in style these days. Whatever pulls your heart, go for it, it's all in. You can rock whatever you want - including skinnies!


Trend #1

90s Look

Its back, transport back to the 90s with the casual loose fit. You'll find all these styles with 100% cotton vintage look. Truthfully, this is the most comfy and trendy piece on the market. Look cute, be comfy. 

View the Levi's 90s here...

Trend #2

Wide Leg

Ok real talk, I have been selling jeans for over 20 years and every time a company makes a wide leg, it SELLLLLS OUT. Why, because they are so flattering. People try them on and are always so pleased. I wish wide leg trouser was just in production at the norm'. But companies take breaks from it. It's classic, chic. flattering, Id get a pair while you can. The key is to get them in the longer inseam, you want these nearly to the floor.

Levis' Rib Cage Wide Leg in Black. These are 70s vibes but classy chic. Rib cage means HIGH waist, will suck it all in and flatter. 32 inch inseam option. A new silhouette for Levi's this fall.

Silver Highly Desirable Trouser. 30inch or 32inch inseam options. Classic blue, can do day to night. These are a Freyja Bestseller!

Trend #3 

Straight Leg

This is your best bet if you love skinnies, but dont want to venture too too far off the skinny path. This look will give you a current update without a huge jump.

Jana has on the Silver Highly Desirable Dark Wash Slim Straight. Buy your regular size. Note the longer inseam. Ankle is phasing out this fall with jeans right to the floor.

Silver Infinite Fit Mid Wash Straight Leg. Loads of stretch, sized XS-XL. These are like the EASIST fit and update. Grab a pair, so comfy and minor updated look from skinny.

Trend #4

Cropped Ankle. The Levi's RibCage is going no where. They are a staple and cult hit. Finally as well, Levi's is offering them in a stretch denim. RibCage is high waist, button fly, and perfect for showing off Docs, hightops, Chelsea and lug boots.

Levi's Stretch RibCage

More Ribcage in Denim Collection here!

Trend #5


Dad Jeans are the rage, they are very close to 90s, a little more relaxed in the thigh and straight down from that so slightly wider. They are damn cute, I can't explain it. 100% cotton, a true 90s dad look. Comfy and on point!

We have a few Washes:

Silver Washed Black

Levi's Dad Ripped

Levi's Washed Black

Levi's Mid Blue Baggy Dad


Trend #6


Skinny and Straight. I just want to note that the classics are always in too. Love skinnies - alllll good my friend, rock them in your own special way. 



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