Mother's Day Local Art Collab & Giveaway

Mother's Day Local Art Collab & Giveaway

Get your hands on one unique gift crafted in Fernie, designed by Freyja and made by Helena de Jong.

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Helena is a local artist that carves out time for her business, you have probably met her at a local artisan market here in the Kootenays, she is also a busy mom like myself. I appreciate her and her work!

This was a match made in heaven! I am so excited to not only work with Helena on this vision but also to spread the women supporting women energy.

There are only 23 up for grabs!

This is the perfect treat for all mothers, fur moms, caretakers and jewelry lovers.

Giveaway To celebrate the Helena de Jong x Freyja Mother’s Day collab we are launching a giveaway!

This week we’ve dropped our secret little collab in the works. This gorgeous white ceramic jewelry tray. Which is now available for purchase. Limited run. Designed by Freyja. Made with love in Fernie by Helena de Jong. 

We are excited and want to share a combined giveaway of a $50 Gift Card each for Freyja and de Jong Ceramics. Enter here.

Approx 7 inch across, creamy bone gloss white. Each one is unique.

Made with Love in Fernie BC

See more of Helena's gorgeous work here.


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