Chan HOT TIPS + Easy Glam Up Ideas

Chan HOT TIPS + Easy Glam Up Ideas

Its been a minute since we were dressing up for the holidays, perhaps you are ready to crack back at it. Or you are not leaving that couch, which is totally cool too! No judgments! 

I have a few cute recommendations  to spice it up and I expose a secret of mine with a HOT TIP below.


1. $19 Stackable Hair Clips, pick out that you haven't worn in awhile and spice it up with these clips. Everyone will be looking at the clips!

2. Treat yourself to something from Gentle Fawn, I am in love with all their holiday looks!

3. Faux Leather Leggings or our new Faux High Waist Smocked Skirt! Nothing makes me more jazzed and comfortable then the Commando brand. Grab a sweater or simple top and rock those bottoms.


4. Sweater and Earrings, elegant and easy. This is easy to pull off, you can dress up a new sweater or old with the magic of something shiny.

We've gots sweaters here and shiny things here!

Chan's Hot Tip

I can throw on a dress with no hesitation, I don't t care about what the scale is saying or what time of the month and I feel great in nice clothes.

How? Ha! Its easy!

I wear a bodysuit like errrrday!!! Yup, I have a whole bunch, Ive been collecting for a long time. 

Bodysuits make me feel great, everything is tucked and smooth. My clothes look fantastic and my body feels great. I honestly wish they were more popular.

Sad Face: "Oh but Chan, going to bathroom is sooooooo much work"

That really drives me crazy!! *hair pull! Having on a bodysuit only adds a couple extra seconds once you get used to it. For how good you feel and look all damn day.....uhhhh ladies!! C'mon its worth it! Get over that!

Anyway, I wanted to share my passion for bodysuits because it makes wearing nice clothes so much more enjoyable.

Insider Tips:

Black Friday sales are the time to grab a few. My top favs in my closet at Knix LuxeLift Bodysuit and the Everyday Bodysuit from Mai Underwear. They offer both a Shaper or they offer a thinner one, the LuxeLift. I wear both equally. Both offer medium support. Canadian company!

Mai.Shop: Everyday Bodysuit. Best butter fabric ever. Low support FYI. I love these for casual days. Also Canadian company from Banff!

Start the cart! May you feel great and lifted!

- Chan xx 



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