Festival Season Trends. Coastal Cowgirl and more...

Festival Season Trends. Coastal Cowgirl and more...

What are the trends for Festival Season in 2023?

It's been cool watching this Festival Fashion phenomenon grow into its own summer category over the years. It has become its own beast in fashion. How Fun!

Big Trends will also shape the event you are headed too. 

Check out the Freyja Festival Collection at the Kick Off Party night this Thursday Night, or see it launched on Friday online, if you can't make the event.

For Stampede and Big Sky Festival I see the new Coastal Cowgirl trend going strong. 

For the Edm events, classic rave, fun sunglasses and elements of Y2K are going off.

Boho, folk and family festivals I am predicting florals, jumpsuits, kimonos and straw hats for must haves.

Rock and Metal, girls grade your best band tees and believe it or not, studded emo belts from the early 2000s are back.

The Freyja x My Sunday Wears Festival Kick Off will have something for everyone.

My fav trend emerging from 2023 is the Coastal Cowgirl, which I plan to incorporate even in day to day wear.

But what is Coastal Cowgirl?

The "coastal cowgirl" trend combines elements of traditional Western wear with coastal or beach-inspired fashion. It merges the rugged, free-spirited aesthetic of a cowgirl with a relaxed and breezy coastal vibe. Here are some key elements of the coastal cowgirl trend:

  1. Nautical Influences: The coastal aspect of this trend brings in nautical elements such as sailor stripes, anchor motifs, and shades of blue reminiscent of the ocean. These elements may be incorporated into clothing, accessories, or even footwear.

  2. Western-Inspired Silhouettes: The cowgirl aspect of the trend embraces Western-style silhouettes. You may see classic cowboy boots, fringe details, denim or chambray shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and rustic leather belts. These pieces add a touch of the Wild West to the coastal look.

  3. Soft and Breezy Fabrics: The coastal cowgirl trend often incorporates lightweight and breathable fabrics to reflect the relaxed coastal atmosphere. Think flowy maxi dresses, lightweight blouses, linen or cotton skirts, and loose-fitting pants. These materials provide comfort while maintaining a sense of casual elegance.

  4. Earthy and Neutral Tones: Coastal cowgirl fashion typically incorporates earthy and neutral color palettes. Sandy beiges, warm browns, soft creams, and muted pastels evoke the natural coastal environment. These colors can be seen in clothing, accessories, and even makeup choices.

  5. Embroidery and Lace: Delicate details like embroidery and lace can add a feminine touch to the coastal cowgirl look. You may see these embellishments on shirts, dresses, skirts, or even accessories like handbags and hats. They add a romantic and whimsical element to the overall aesthetic.

  6. Mix of Casual and Dressy: The coastal cowgirl trend allows for a mix of casual and dressy elements. You might find outfits that combine denim shorts or jeans with a feminine lace blouse, or a flowy maxi dress paired with cowboy boots. This blend of casual and dressy pieces creates a unique and versatile style.

Remember that fashion trends can vary and evolve over time, and personal interpretations of the coastal cowgirl trend may vary as well. Feel free to experiment and adapt the trend to suit your own personal style and preferences.

A couple sneak peaks for Thursday nights party...




See you Thursday Night and happy festival'ing

Chan xx



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