Chan's Top Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Chan's Top Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Fall fashion, it is truly our time to shine ladies!

I want to keep this short and sweet, here are my top 7 for this fall's trends.

Its always fun to pepper in the trends with your favourite pieces and the classics. 

One rule I keep in mind: I feature one trend at a time. For example, I love a good Shacket. I will wear one to "feature" it and just keep the rest (jeans, shoes) simple and classic. The daring will take on more then one trend at a time!

1. Shackets. These came in hot last year and us over here in the fashion industry wondered if the trend would continue? HELLS YES! Us Canadian girls love a shacket, they are not going away anytime soon. Shop ours here.

2. Loose Jeans/Flare Jeans. Yup, dad jeans, mom jeans, vintage look, 70s flare are all raging. I keep getting asked, "But are skinny jeans still in?" Of course, wear what you love, skinnies pair with all the best, keep on rocking those skinnies and consider one loose pair to break it up. Check out our bestsellers here!

3. 90s Vibes. Anything and all reminiscent of the 90s is in, funnily enough, the 70s feel is also so huge, especially with hair dos this fall. This sweater really does it for me here!

4. Lavender. This colour is strong as hell and continues into spring, trust me - Ive seen the future collections for spring! I love this hoodie here!

5. Puffy. Puffy coat, puffy vest, go puffy always especially in the Kootenays. We have the perfect classic black one here, and affordable!

6. Ski Sweaters. Ok this is normally a reoccurring look here in the Kootenays, but the mainstream is digging it this fall/winter. Farisle, Nordic, ski vibes is your ticket to high fashion this year, who knew! Keep us in mind this late fall, we have loads coming in!

7. Luxurious Lounge. The pandemic gifted us the trend of treating one self to fabulous home wear, this new found love is certainly not going to die off. Did someone say fluffy slippers???? 

I think that's all a Kootenay girl needs to know for now.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Chan xx


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