A Special Thank You | Fall Event Success

A Special Thank You | Fall Event Success

SUCCESS 🎉 Thank you to all who bought a ticket to our Fall Event last Thursday ❤️ It was such a lovely night, it was amazing to see all your faces IRL!


We raised $402 for the UNICEF Give a Vax program from ticket proceeds. To date Freyja has donated $502 💉 to the program.


Our Fall Event, our customer appreciation night, was such a success you can be sure we will through another one before the end of the year.


Special thanks to my friends + staff for working the event. It meant the world to me to have you there for such a special night.


Winners from the draw:

Freyja Sweatsuit - K.Sims

$100 Freyja GC - S. Roughhead

$25 GC - T. Blankman

$25 GC - W. Hamilton

$25 GC - C. Chisholm

$25 GC - W. Howie


Winners have been notified.


Thank you again

-Chan 💋💋


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