2023 Style Showdown Contest

2023 Style Showdown Contest

Freyja | Style Showdown

Its Back! We started in 2015 and now we here!

The Style Showdown has been our favourite contest over the years. As I scroll back on Instagram at the past rounds, its a wild ride. Seeing how far Instagram has evolved is one thing, but also the nostalgia is heart warming.

The last time we through the contest was in 2020. Why the lag? Well we only put this together when we have a clear dud in the shop. Here is this year's piece to style. A short waist length mandarin orange and burgundy sweater. It has a trippy check pattern with a star flower shape on the belly button area. Crew collar and cuffs in corresponding burgundy colour. 100% Acrylic 100% needing love.

What is the Style Showdown? 

Once in a blue moon in boutique world we get a hum dinger of a dud style. As much as we try, the poor thing doesn't sell. Instead of marking it down and hoping for the best, we challenge our people to take it, love it and make it awesome by trying their hand at an influencer post. Can you influence us that this piece is awesome? Do you have an eye for it?

This round we only have 15 total of the offending garment to go around. That's 15 contestants. Yes we can mail you one.

How Does it Work? And What Can I Win?

You take the garment and work it into some magic and post it on your instagram. You also mail us a copy too. Location, props, fashion, photography are all part of the judging elements. 

Judges get to work. People can follow along with watching the hashtag #kootenaystyleshowdown 

Top 5 announced. And soon after one winner. Winner takes bragging rights and $250 Gift Card for Freyja!!

How is it Judged?

Special Guest Judges will take the top 5 (top 5 determined by Chan and Freyja Staff) And score the top 5 out of the following categories:

  • Location
  • Photography 
  • Overall Aesthetic
  • Use of props or accessories 
  • Fashionable 
  • Overall Impression

What Does it Cost?

Free if you submit the photo and post. Or $54.88 if you take the sweater and dont post, please dont do this lol. Shipping is $10 if you'd like us to ship you one.

What are the Key Dates?

First come first serve for the sweaters this year. You must full out a required document for you to get in line. The form will require some authorization for consent in posting and for a credit card to auth if you do not submit the photo and keep the sweater.

Posts due Feb 3rd noon MST.

Who Can Enter?

Anyone except Professional Influencers, because that wouldn't be fair.

Can a Professional photographer enter? Yup! 

Can I team up with a photographer? YUP!

What do I submit? Post your final submission on your own Instagram account and tag Freyja and the hashtag #kootenaystyleshowdown. Post a picture or a Reel or a carosel. (you will have to email us the original too, info in the form)

How can I get in on this?

Email me personally Chantel@kootenayboutique.com and ask for a form!

I will email you the form, the sooner you get the form back the sooner I can let you know if you secured a spot!

People! Im so excited about this!!! This is so much fun! This years sweater is a challenge, I know you got this. Its giving me bougie vibes, Austin Power vibes, Harry Potter vibes, 70s, Cowgirl vibes - this is so fun, you got this!!!

Chan xx

Below Ive included some past Style Showdown nostalgia 






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